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Goldenwood Stables

Luxury horse accommodations in a safe, convenient location. 

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You and your horse are a Team. Whether you're traveling and need a safe place to board your horse for the night, searching for a long-term boarding solution or just want to improve your riding skills, Goldenwood Stables is the right choice. 

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Ride year round in comfort, safety and security. Goldenwood Stables has a lighted indoor riding arena. You don't have to be a slave to the adverse and rapidly-changing weather of the Ozarks. If you want to ride but the snow is flying, there's a thunderstorm, or sweltering heat or you just want to stay out of the wind, you can.


If the ground conditions are too bad due to ice, snow or mud, it's easy to debate with yourself about how to spend the day.  But, it's great to have this indoor riding option.


Scott can also take care of tack and saddle repairs. He was trained by a master saddle maker and leather craftsman and has over 30-years experience. Call ahead of time to schedule this service, based on high demand and time required to complete essential repairs.




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I'm Pia Cheek, owner and operator of Goldenwood Stables.  I know your horses are as  important to you as mine are to me. We strive to make your experience with our facilities and staff as pleasant and professional as possible. 



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I'm Scott Cheek.  I'm a former Dragoon for the U. S. Army  and was rider-coached by a man named Bulan Silar Dail, one of the last graduates of the U. S. Army Calvary School. But, I can honestly say, I've learned more about riding from my wife, Pia, than  I have from anybody else.  We've learned our own resistance-free, results-oriented training methods over the years from experts like Pat Parelli, John Lyons and Sam Powell to help you build strong bonds between you and your horse.  Let us share our knowledge with you.



Some of our customers travel
far and wide to show their horses.  We know from experience what it's like to need rest for peak performance. We can take care of your horse in a caring and professional manner while you both get the recovery time you need to do your best.

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